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Plasterers: What Should you be Paying?

By tauntonplastering, Jan 6 2016 09:51AM

Now you’ve made the decision to hire a professional plasterer, but how much is it going to cost? This ultimately depends on the nature of the job and the amount of experience a plasterer possesses. The table below – taken from the Which? website – shows a range of different plastering jobs, how long they may take and the amount of money you may be expected to pay.

(Prices correct in 2012, prices will be slightly higher now in comparison. Remeber, this is just a guide).

Which? Research into Plasterering Prices and Completion Times
Which? Research into Plasterering Prices and Completion Times

Link here:

These prices are merely a guide because prices can vary a great deal in the complexity of a job so there is not always a one-size fits all approach.

The biggest golden rule when seeking the help of a professional plasterer is not to automatically go for the cheapest option. Question it, why are they so cheap? For example, you decide to get a range of different quotes and the cheapest option you have is around £80 per day, plus the cost of materials. Initially this seems great, if you can save money on the new ceiling overskim then you’ll be able to spend more on soft furnishings right? In theory yes, but then, what if the reason why they are so cheap is due to their lack of experience?

Looking at sources online; the average day rate of a plasterer shows that those requesting around £80 a day will most likely be newly qualified plasterers who will be lacking in experience. What if they come across something they haven’t done before? How would they know if there is distemper paint on the wall? The minute uni-bond and then plaster is applied to it, the plaster will blister and fall off!

According to the typical day rate for a plasterer varies from £150-£250 depending on the materials required and their location. This is also stated on “However as a guide, Tristan Rees (a recommended plasterer on suggests, a plasterer should charge on average £150 per day and anything from £50-£100 per labourer.” This would be factored into an overall price.

When choosing a plasterer to complete your work, it is always safer to opt for a price rather than a day rate. This prevents any unexpected bills and to stop tradesman from taking advantage. Otherwise, before you know it your day rate price (which seemed very competitive at first) has started getting higher and higher and your job is nowhere near finished. Be cautious.

Years of experience will ultimately result in a higher quality finish and this will not come at a rate of roughly £80 a day.

Everyone is trying to save money, but in doing so they are losing quality. Just remember when looking for your next plasterer, those walls and those ceilings can make or break a room. And you have to look at them every single day. That render, if poorly applied will be visible for all to see. And suddenly that bargain, which you got initially, doesn’t seem like such a good idea now. Remember, your home is your castle.

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