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Safe Artex Removal - Using X-Tex (by Eco-Solutions)

By tauntonplastering, Feb 17 2016 07:31PM

Here are some images of a safe artex removal using Eco Solution's brand: X-Tex. This product is incredibly simple to use, but please remember to use waterproof dust sheets and tape EVERYTHING up (that's no exaggeration either).

The way the product works is simple, all you need to do is brush it on, walk away for an hour - perhaps longer depending on how much artex is present, or how much paint is on the artex. Then simply scrape off! Please wear goggles when scraping as it does literally fall down from the ceiling.

If you read our previous blog post on artex removal - the safe way - you'll understand the true effectiveness of this product.

We finished the ceiling by plastering with Gypsum Multi-Finish, a product we couldn't be without.

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