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By tauntonplastering, Mar 1 2016 09:55AM

In this case, the client was experiencing damp and water penetrating from the exterior of the building. To rectify this, we hacked off the old, exisiting porous rendering and re-applied two coats of waterproof sand cement. We also drilled a DPC using Sovereign Chemicals damp proof cream for added security.

The image below shows the before and after images, although the first image is after we hacked off - we were too eager to get started we forgot to take a picture until this point!

By tauntonplastering, Jan 17 2016 10:55AM

Recently we've had a lot of requests for damp proofing jobs, so we felt it only fair to post some of the images of current projects and our solutions to the problem.

This client had severe damp problems due to the poor building work carried out by their next door neighbours who had built a retaining wall extremely close to the property (we're talking inches). One part of the wall had bridged the DPC of the clients house, allowing water to go up and above the exisiting damp course and into the property.

The only solution we could do until the wall was taken down was to use a tanking system inside and also double drill injectection with DPC cream. The ground level was higher next door so instead of the normal 1.8 meters high allowance for damp proofing, we actually had to take it to 2.4 meters to solve the problem.

We then used waterproof sand cement and skimmed to a perfect finish. This waterproofs the inside of the house against any penetrating water from the outside. This has solved the internal problem, but not the external. The outside retaining wall needs to be moved back to at least a meter to allow maintenance and service to the clients house.

Negotiations are still being made with the neighbour regarding the retaining wall.

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