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By tauntonplastering, Mar 10 2016 03:01PM

Ratedpeople, CheckaTrade, TrustedTraders... The internet is awash with sites that enable people to rate their tradesman and the pressure has never been higher for those in the Trades to offer a superior service, especially since these rating websites are taken extremely seriously. How often have you looked at review sites before booking a holiday for instance? If you see negative reviews does it completely put you off? Whilst review sites can be an extremely helpful reference tool, for businesses it can completely jeopardise their reputation.

With this in mind, this got us thinking, what if Tradesmen could access a website whereby they could rate their customers? This idea is currently implemented with popular online transportation company – Uber. Whilst passengers can rate their drivers based on a number of different metrics, the drivers can also rate their passengers. The passenger ratings are hidden on Uber, but the drivers can access them and use them to ascertain whether they are about to pick up their dream customer, or their worst nightmare.

Now imagine if this concept was applied to Tradesmen. Tradesmen could simply look up a customer and make a decision on whether to work for them based on the reviews made from those that have worked for them in the past. It could be an internal system, only accessible by Tradesmen who could share their thoughts and experiences and even rate customers based on different categories such as friendliness, hospitality and payment promptness.

Let’s say for instance that a customer is really poor at paying and they take weeks to pay (or sometimes not at all), a tradesman could steer clear and let others know to do the same. Or perhaps a customer is extremely awkward and rude and they play on the fact they can act in this way, because in a matter of minutes they could take to a review site and leave a stinker of a review telling others to steer clear. These sorts of reviews can destroy business reputations overnight. Tradesmen all over the country may be putting up with customers that exert this sort of behaviour simply because they don’t want to be put in a negative light.

When Tradesmen Don’t Want to Share

If you have an idyllic customer, would you want to broadcast that to other people in the same field? That’s your customer; you don’t want to lose them. So instead, you decide to keep it schtum. This could lead to the internal system becoming a slanging match, full of only negative reviews of customers – all of which are being completely slated.

What’s Good for One Won’t be Good for Another

We’re all different and will have different views and opinions of customers. Someone could leave an awful review about a customer, which in turn could put others off. Yet, it might be that someone just didn’t gel with them or simply that the customer has had a really bad day or received some bad news. The tradesman could review them negatively, when in fact they’re normally very friendly and agreeable. Straight away the system is warped. But then, isn’t this the case for all review sites?

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